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Humble Beginnings

For more than thirty years, Southern Lights church has had the vision of commencing a prep to year twelve school. In 2015 we set out to start Australis Christian College.

In 2016 our purchase of a twenty-acre property on Pearcedale Road was the next step in establishing Australis. However, the development of the property would not be complete in time for us to start at Pearcedale Road.

One of our congregation members and principal of Lighthouse Christian College Keysborough, Mrs. Avril Howard, had the idea of starting the school at our Southern Lights Church buildings in McCormicks Road. This initiative was also strongly supported by Frankston Council. We began our first year in 2016 with twenty-four students; twenty-three of which were from our Southern Lights Church congregation in years prep to year four. 

This is where our relationship with Lighthouse Christian College commenced, with Australis being a campus of Lighthouse, and we agreed that after 5 years we would aim to legally become our own school. We have exceeded our expectations and have been able to commence this process a year earlier with the ongoing support and expertise of Lighthouse Christian College and the successful growth of our school. In 2017 we extended our campus to offer year 5 and 6 as well. Our enrolments have continued to grow each year, requiring us to invest in hiring a portable for our current site to accommodate our growth. 

Despite these humble beginnings, Australis Christian College enjoys many enticing points of difference. We are a small community and a nurturing and caring environment. We have a strong spiritual distinctive that our children are being immersed in, resulting in- healthy relationships and character development. We also have included AUSLAN as a second language to promote greater communication in our community.  We have a philosophy which prioritises holistic education and we value partnering with our families. 

The name Australis Christian College is an acknowledgement to the four hundred year de Queiros’ prophecy of Terra Australis Espiritu de Santo (Great Southland of the Holy Spirit). 

In our logo are the wings of the Spirit. The school’s primary colour, purple, reflects the royal nature of our children. We are training them to bring the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in every area of their life. The mountain in our logo and the tagline “Excellence Beyond Education” represents the equipping of students to affect their community and workplaces, being excellent in all areas, not only in education.



We are training the next generation not only for the church, but also for society, and to be the world-class influencers and leaders of tomorrow. After three years of ground-breaking efforts, Australis is now well established and ready for the next phase.