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Join our team and have the opportunity to express your passions in the education field as we continue to train all our students in Excellence Beyond Education.

Please complete the form below. Please note, this form must be completed in one sitting.


20 McCormicks Road Skye, Victoria 3910 | Phone: (03) 9991 3161
Email: office@australischristiancollege.com
ABN: 98 542 894 389 | Reg #: A001869OK


What you will need to complete this application

Applicants should include a copy of their personal Resume/CV containing the following information, you will be able to upload it at the end of this application:
  • Your Schooling
  • Your Tertiary Training with copies of qualifications
  • Other Training undertaken
  • Employment History
  • Other Relevant Experiences
  • Your Interests
Applicants will also need a reference from the minister of the local church they are attending. There will be an opportunity to upload this at the end of the application form. If applicants do not attend a local church, this will be discussed at a later date.

Please also include a cover letter addressing the position description criteria. This too will need to be uploaded at the end of the application form.

A Note to Applicants

Thank you for your interest in Australis Christian College. The submission of this application form is the first step in applying for a position in the College.

If your application is “short-listed” we will be in contact with you to arrange an interview.

The following information will be of assistance to you as you work through the application procedure:
  1. Applicants are not compelled to supply all of the information requested on the application form.
  2. In asking you questions about your philosophy and position on a range of issues, we are interested in finding out about you. We recognize that, within the Christian community, there exists a diversity of positions on many issues; so your agreement or disagreement with a particular position will not necessarily preclude you from employment at the College.
  3. We request that you read the Australis Christian College – What do we believe? included as part of this form. This will assist you to understand the position of the College on a number of fundamental Christian beliefs.
  4. We request that you read the attached Privacy Policy Information Collection Notice as a part of our compliance with national Privacy laws.


We are a Child Safe employer, with a zero tolerance for child abuse. VIT registration is mandatory for all teaching staff and an Employee Working With Children Check (WWCC) card is mandatory for all non-teaching staff


Personal Details

Contact Details


Christian Background

Beliefs and Ideas

There are some areas where Christians differ in their beliefs. While the school does not demand uniformity in all these areas, we are interested in what you believe because it has some impact on the way you are able to relate to the school community. Please make a brief summary of your ideas and beliefs in the following areas:


(More complete information must be included with your CV.)

Your Registration


Please provide contact details for people whom we can contact to obtain verbal references for you. Please gain their permission to include their names here.

Character Referee 1

Character Referee 2

Professional Referee 1

Professional Referee 2

Our Statement of Faith

Please click here to read our 'Australis what we believe statement'. You must read and agree to this statement of faith.

Privacy and Collection of Information Statement

Please click here to read our 'Privacy and Collection of Information Statement'. You must read and agree to this statement.

Please upload a copy of the following; 1. Your CV/Resume 2. A letter of reference from your minister at your local church

PLEASE NOTE: Once you click submit, it may take up to 2 minutes for your application to submit. During this time your files will be uploaded and your application sent. Please do not click submit more than once. Once submitted you will be redirected to another page.